2015-2016: Velocity Vortex

Velocity Vortex is played on a 12 ft. x 12 ft. square field with approximately 1 ft. high walls and a soft foam mat floor. In the center of the field are two goals on a rotatable stand called the Center Vortex. Two ramps, each with a goal, called the Corner Vortex, are placed in opposite sides of the field.

Scoring elements are 14 climber figurines and 80 debris in the shape of blocks and spheres. At the start of a match, debris are randomly located throughout the playing field floor. Each team starts with up to two climbers that can be pre-loaded onto their robot.

The game starts with a 30-second autonomous period where robots are operated via pre-programmed instructions only. Robots gain points by claiming Beacons, moving the Cap Ball off of the base, scoring Particles into either the Center or Corner Vortex, or by parking on the Center base or Corner Vortex.

During the driver-controlled period, teams earn points by scroign Particles into the Center Vortex or Corner Vortex. Robots may also claim Beacons, which are scored once at the end of the game.

The final 30-seconds of the driver-controlled period is called the end game. In addition to the driver-controlled period tasks, robots earn bonus points for raising the Cap Ball or by capping the Center Vortex with it.

(Game Information from One-Page Game Description)


  • Cleveland Regional Qualifier at Cuyahoga Community College
  • Southwestern Pennsylvania Regional Qualifier at Upper Saint Clair High School
  • Van Wert Regional Qualifier at Van Wert High School
  • Ohio State Competition at iSPACE Cincinnati
  • North Super-Regional Championship at the U.S. Cellular Center
  • World Championship at Union Station in St. Louis

Awards and Recognitions

  • Inspire Award (Cleveland Regional Qualifier)
  • Finalist Alliance Captain (Cleveland Regional Qualifier)
  • Promote Award (Cleveland Regional Qualifier
  • 2nd Place Inspire Award (Southwestern Pennsylvania Regional Qualifier)
  • Finalist Alliance Captain (Southwestern Pennsylvania Regional Qualifier)
  • Think Award (Southwestern Pennsylvania Regional Qualifier)
  • 2nd Place Inspire Award (Van Wert Regional Qualifier)
  • Winning Alliance Member (Van Wert Regional Qualifier)
  • Control Award (Van Wert Regional Qualifier)
  • Rockwell-Collins Innovate Award (Van Wert Regional Qualifier)
  • Winning Alliance Captain (Ohio State Competition)
  • 2nd Place Inspire Award (Ohio State Competition)
  • Think Award (Ohio State Competition)
  • 2nd Place Control Award (North Super-Regional)
  • Nominated for PTC Design Award (World Championship)
  • Nominated for Control Award (World Championship)
  • Inspire Award Finalist (World Championship)
  • Division Semifinalist Alliance Member (World Championship)

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